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Following the completion of Module 1 (see below) participants in the Coach Training for Leaders program may choose (mix and match) modules that most closely relate to their specific area of interest.

  • Each module may be used for CEU requirements and/or movement toward the next level of certification.
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching are required for  certification. See description below.

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Module 1:   Coaching Foundations  (20 hours)
(This module or equivalent is required as a prerequisite for all other modules.)

The coaching foundations module equips the coach with the skills and coaching methods for successful leadership and coaching practice.

  • Session 1: Introduction to Coaching
  • Session 2: Coaching Skills Set
  • Session 3: Establishing the Coaching Relationship

  • Session 4: Code of Ethics
  • Session 5: Coaching Models

Training includes conversation around the book Co-Active Coaching (4th Edition) by Laura Whitworth, Karen Kimsey-House, Henry Kimsey-House, and Phillip Sandahl.

Module 2: Coaching for Leadership (20 hours)
This module partners with pastors and church leadership to provide development of leadership skills and practices.

  • Session 1: Advanced Coaching Skills
  • Session 2: Coaching Leaders
  • Session 3: Coaching for Personal Foundations

  • Session 4: Coaching for Call and Vocation
  • Session 5: Coaching for Leader Multiplication

* Training includes group conversation around the books Leadership 2.0 by Travis Bradberry, Jean Greaves and Tom Parks, and Simplifying Coaching: How to Have More Transformational Conversations by Doing Less by Claire Pedrick.

Module 3: Coaching for Congregational Transformation (20 Hours)
This module introduces the coach to a clear process for partnering with local congregational leaders/pastors in congregational redevelopment. Includes an extensive toolbox of assessment tools and best practices for effective ministry.

  • Session 1: Team Coaching
  • Session 2: Building the Relationship
  • Session 3: Assessing the Current Reality

  • Session 4: Exploring the Possibilities (Dimensions of Congregational Development)
  • Session 5: Action Planning/Leading Change

* Training includes group conversation around the book Shift 2.0: Helping Congregations Back Into Effective Ministry and Shift 2.0 Activation Guide by Phil Maynard.

Module 4: Discipleship Pathway Coaching (20 Hours)
This module provides a model for leading local church discipleship teams/pastors through the building of an intentional discipleship process and the development of discipleship coaching skills.

  • Session 1: Setting the Foundation
  • Session 2: Advanced Coaching Skills
  • Session 3: Individual and Group Discipleship Coaching
  • Session 4: Determining the Current Reality
  • Session 5: Considering the Possibilities

  • Session 6: Creating the Educational Track
  • Session 7: Creating the Relational Track
  • Session 8: Creating Individual Discipleship Plans
  • Session 9: Flow of a Discipleship Process
  • Session 10: Resources for Building a Discipleship Process

* Training includes group conversation around the books Membership to Discipleship: Growing Mature Disciples Who Make Disciples by Phil Maynard and Disciple Like Jesus: Making Disciples Like Jesus Who Make Disciples Like Jesus by Phil Maynard and Eddie Pipkin.

Module 5: Coaching Groups and Teams (20 Hours)
This module provides a foundation of group coaching through practicum sessions (first hour) and related content discussion and dialogue in the second hour.

  • Session 1: Foundations of Group Coaching
  • Session 2: Foundations of Groups
  • Session 3: Design Elements
  • Session 4: Core Skills and Approaches

  • Session 5: Exercises
  • Session 6: Logistics, Tricky Issues, & Co-Facilitating
  • Session 7: Dynamics of Coaching Teams
  • Session 8: Practicum

* Training includes assignments and discussions around From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching by Jennifer J. Britton.

Module 6: Coaching for Personal Transformation (20 Hours)
Learn how to identify and release the client’s blocks to transformation in 5 steps, with HEART.

  • Session 1: Introduction to Transformational Coaching
  • Session 2: Benefits of Exploring Beliefs

  • Session 3: Obstacles to Transformational Coaching
  • Session 4: Transformational Coaching with HEART

* This module includes conversation about the book Beyond Beliefs: Transformational Coaching with Heart by Vicki Escude, MA, MCC. 

Module 8: 7 Dimensions: A Coaching Approach to Congregational Development (30 Hours)
This module prepares coaches to lead groups of pastors through the “7 Dimensions” process for congregational development. Training is offered in eight 3-hour sessions.  Each session includes a themed reflective introduction to prepare participants for conversation; all sessions include an overview of best practices using a coaching perspective and a coaching practicum.

  • Session 1: Coaching Skills Review
  • Session 2: Discerning
  • Session 3: Visioning
  • Session 4: Gathering

  • Session 5: Worshiping
  • Session 6: Discipling
  • Session 7: Maturing
  • Session 8: Multiplying

* All training materials are provided including: access to Readiness 360 survey, Real Discipleship survey, PDF versions of several books, and an extensive toolbox of assessment tools and planning templates.

Mentor Coaching
We offer the 10 hours of mentor coaching as a group experience at least twice per year. Seven of the 10 hours are in a group setting over three months with each person coaching once and receiving in-depth feedback in a collaborative, appreciative, and dialogued process to increase the coach’s capability in coaching. There are three one-hour individual sessions with one of our mentor coaches, one of which is focused on a recording and transcript of a coaching session done by the student.

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2024 Fall Mentor Coaching Groups

  • August 13, September 10, October 8, and November 12, 2024
    • 10:00 am-12:00 pm

*Additional groups may be added if the need arises; you may indicate interest in another option on the registration form.

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